These courses are need-to-know for missionaries and staff working in the USMC.

A brief activity used during Virtual CORE 2020.

This course serves as an introduction to and refresher of the Objective Process. Participants are encouraged to engage this material with their ministry partners and teammates to enable discussion and personal application. As you engage the content, you will interact with a lecture dictated by Ron Pritz where he lays the foundation for and steps to enacting this process on your field. Further, you will have the chance to develop your personal Objectives or work with your partners to develop objectives as a team.

Should you wish to engage only with your field team or ministry partners, please email in order to create a private forum where you can connect within the Learning Center. 

Office 365 is a collection of applications and services provided by Microsoft specifically designed for collaboration and synergy in businesses like ours.  But there are so many apps and features, how do you learn everything or choose which app to use?  

This course will help you discover the best ways to learn about Office 365 and get your questions answered.  This will also serve as an archive of links and documents that you will likely find most helpful.  

Explore the Vision, Mission, Strategy, and Guiding Principles of the US Mobilization Center.  In this short course, you will make decisions concerning the direction of a USMC team's ministry based on the USMC's foundational statements and values.

The imminent reality of missions today is the rapid and massive growth of missionaries coming from the non-western world.  Many missionary sending organizations have internationalized in various ways in order to thrive under this new reality and welcome our brothers and sisters from the Global South.

While OC has been international for many years, we have officially restructured our organization to meet this new reality.  We call it the Global Alliance - an alliance of thirteen OC missionary sending agencies around the world that operate separately but are united by vision, mission, and values. 

This is our reality.  Becoming an OC missionary means embracing and participating in our reality so that all men might be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.

This course is self-paced, but there will be opportunities to ask questions and communicate with one of our liaisons between the US Mobilization Center and the rest of the Global Alliance.  Please self-enroll and get started whenever it's convenient.