Freqently Asked Questions

1. I forgot my password.  What Now? 2. How do I edit my profile?
3. How do I enroll in a course? 4. How do I return to a course that I was using?
5. How do I subscribe to a discussion forum? 6. What is "My Home"?
7. How do I check my grades? 8. How do I stay up-to-date?
9. How do I delete my LC account? 10.  I have more questions!

I forgot my password.  What now?

"Lost Password" link in the Login block on the right side of the home screen.Click the "Lost Password?" link under the login form on the Home page.  Input your username or email address.  You'll receive an email with a link to reset your password.  For now, click here: Reset Password.

If all else fails, email your Learning Center Administrator: oclcadmin@oci.org.


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How do I edit my profile?

"Edit Profile" link in the Settings block on the left hand side of the page.Click "My Profile Settings" in the Settings block on the left hand side.  Click "Edit Profile."  

When you're finished with your profile be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes."


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How do I enroll in a course?

There are several different kinds of courses.  Some courses are open to everyone, you don't need to enroll.  Other courses require self-enrollment.  Still others only allow teachers to enroll their students.  

Blue Circle with a white "i" in the center.- Click "Information" to find out more about the course before enrolling.

Human face looking right.- Everyone is allowed to view these courses without enrolling.  Click on the course name to enter.

Open door with green arrow.- You must self-enroll in these courses.  Click on the course name.  Click the button labeled, .

Closed door with key.- You must supply an enrollment key when enrolling yourself.  In most cases, this will be provided by the Facilitator.  Contact the facilitator to enroll and receive your key.


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How do I return to the course I was using?

"My Courses" link in the Navigation block in the upper left hand side of the page.Click "My Courses" in the Navigation block on the left hand side.  All the courses that you're currently enrolled in will appear here.

If you are not officially enrolled in a course, click here to see a list of all courses.


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How do I subscribe to a forum?

"Subscribe to this forum" link in the Settings block when you're in an active discussion forum.Enter the forum.  Click "Subscribe to this Forum."  Follow these same steps to unscribe.  

You will have to subscribe to each forum separately.


Video: Subscribe to Forum


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What is "My Home"?

"My Home" is your personal Learning Center page.  You can do whatever you want with it.  You can display all your current courses, your files, your messages, your calendar, etc.  Adapt this page to your preferences and needs.  

To begin customizing your "My Home" page, click "Customize this page" button. in the upper right hand corner.


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How do I check my grades?

"Grades" link in the Settings block when you are a student in a course.Enter your course.  Click "Grades" in the Settings block.

The User Report displays your grades for each activity in the course.  The Overview Report displays a cumulative grade for each course that you're enrolled.

Don't worry if your grade is low.  The grading system takes into account every activity, whether you have attempted it yet or not.  As you complete activities in the course, your grade will steadily rise.


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How do I stay up-to-date with what's new on the Learning Center?

The OC Learning Center blog is the perfect place to keep up-to-date with Learning Center news.  Find out about new courses, news and alerts, and what's happening the the e-Learning world. 

You can subscribe to the blog by email or RSS.


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How do I delete my Learning Center Account?

There is no way for a user to delete their account themselves.  However, your friendly Learning Center Administrator will be happy to delete your account for you.  Please contact the Learning Center Administrator at oclcadmin@oci.org and let us know that you'd like to delete your account.  Please give us the email address that you use in the Learning Center to confirm the correct account.  

To maintain the integrity of the various learning activities in the Learning Center, your comments in discussion forums will remain in tact.  However, your account will no longer be associated with those comments.


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I have more questions. Where can I ask my questions?

You can check out Using the OCLC 101, the Community Forum, or email your Learning Center administrator at oclcadmin@oci.org.


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